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One of the areas best networking groups for building quality relationships, obtaining referrals and growing your business. We offer

many free networking opportunities for everyone and even more BizConnect "member only" events. >>JOIN BIZCONNECT.


My Business People, LLC

Promoting, connecting and giving knowledge to small businesses to help them grow.

MyBizPPL is a company dedicated to helping small businesses grow, increase presence in the community and build revenue by offering the resources and tools necessary to succeed. We help you market and promote your business, build valuable relationships, obtain referrals and increase your knowledge and ability to use the marketing tools available today.

MyBizPPL has several divisions dedicated to helping your business grow.

BizConnect Hampton Roads

BizConnect Hampton Roads is one of the areas best networking groups for building quality relationships, obtaining referrals and growing your business. Many events are open to the entire Hampton Roads business community with an opportunity to become a BizConnect member and take advantage of the many additional marketing and promotions benefits available to you and your business. READ MORE ABOUT BIZCONNECT MEMBERSHIP.

Win Local Stuff

Win Local Stuff is our unique and creative social media marketing solution for your business. It offers an innovative promotional opportunity by creating awareness of your business, driving traffic to your Facebook page and website and directing people to your retail store or restaurant through a social media contest on our Win Local Stuff contest page. We handle the entire contest for you . VISIT OUR WIN LOCAL STUFF SOCIAL MEDIA SITE.

Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media,

Website Development & SEO Services

We offer expert graphic design services from logo design and branding to advertising and collateral materials; marketing guidance and unique and creative ideas to build your brand; expert social media help, website development and search engine optimization.


We offer expert educational workshops on social media marketing, search engine optimization, marketing your business and business coaching. Our experts are media experts, television anchors and highly educated professionals in the coaching field. Our workshops are currently offered in partnership with the Retail Alliance of Hampton Roads.

Founder BizConnect Hampton Roads

Founder and CEO

BizConnect Hampton Roads

Laura Henderson is the Founder and CEO of BizConnect Hampton Roads. Her passion is helping local small business owners grow their business and increase their profits and presence in the community. Her experience comes from 15+ years at Pilot Media / The Virginian-Pilot as an Art Director and Operations Director where she was responsible for hiring employees, day-to-day business operations, human resources, customer service, revenue generation, strategic planning, process improvements and business continuity.


After leaving Pilot Media, she started her own marketing business, WIN LOCAL STUFF, which is an online business promoting local retail stores, restaurants, artists, service providers and more. Win Local Stuff grew into more than promoting businesses through online contests so she started local networking events as a way to bring new customers into her client's businesses. As the events grew, BizConnect Hampton Roads was created and the events combined bringing potential new customers to her member businesses as well as connecting the local business community.


Laura is also a member of the Downtown Norfolk Council, the Retail Alliance, LOVEVA, Hampton Roads Business Outreach (HRBOR), the Ghent Business Association, and also serves on the Board of the Ghent Business Association and participates on the membership committee and marketing committee.


Her areas of expertise include:

  • Development of unique and creative ideas to promote your business
  • Being an ambassador for your business
  • Connecting people and delivering potential new customers
  • Coordinating networking events
  • Project management and business operations
  • Social Media and Facebook branding
  • Management and successful leadership
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Graphic Design
  • Event planning



I have been involved in this organization for just a bit over two months, and clearly they, and all of us as part of it.... are, Well, loving it! There is a lot Networking everywhere and there is also a LOT of Networking styles... The energy and thought process that My Biz People bring to Hampton Roads is pretty magical. ~ Professional, efficient and fun.


To grow a business you require more than customers and sales, the right connections will do more for you than what you can ever do alone, an endorsement carries more weight than anything and this is a platform for all of us to do that for one another. ~ I love how right away they met with me and we discovered how we can best help one another.


My dates are blocked till the end of the year so that I don't miss a single one and I ENCOURAGE every small business owner to come and visit... You will see that this Membership is TRULY priceless!!!!


Betty Tharpe

Nerium International

This group is fantastic! The support, promotion and community they foster and provide for small, locally owned business is thoughtful and effective. What they actually do is well above and BEYOND their minimal participation "cost". Music Go Round VB is one very happy and grateful member!


Bari Villafranca

Music Go Round Virginia Beach

My Business People, LLC, thank you for your tireless and generous support of small businesses like mine. The networking events you sponsor offer a terrific opportunity for me to meet other entrepreneurs in fun venues. As a My Business People member, I have no need to look further for creative graphic design services, web analysis, and constant promotion of my business, Inner Voice Coaching. Access to your business savvy allows me to focus on what I love best - serving the community with personal development coaching and workshops. Thank you!


Melissa Deutsch

Inner Voice Coaching

These ladies are expert in their field and they truly help small businesses with their needs. I like their networking ideas and knowledge.


Naseem Matteson

Small Business ABCs, LLC

As a brand new small business owner, I am thrilled with the services that My Business People LLC have already given to me. I especially appreciate how they are helping my business, Corner Gallery, gain exposure in Norfolk and Hampton Roads by promoting my business everywhere they go. The Biz Connect networking events they put on are also a great way for me to personally meet so many in the local business community.


Anne Smith

Corner Gallery

BizConnect impressively effective in connecting new and veteran business owners (or marketing directors) within Hampton Roads. I have been through many business meetups such as Chamber of Commerce (Connecticut, California & Hampton Roads area) and other Paid Local Networking event but this small organization is simple, cozy and have lots of opportunity to learn the latest trends on "how to do business right" from Social Media to Networking. Great job My Biz People.


Tony Astro

MVOSS Creation